Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Your Lifebuilder Inspirational Quote, Reflection & Breath Break (on Extracting Happiness from Common Things)

The quote is profound, but instead of doing what you normally do when you see an inspiring quote like this - nod your head in agreement and move swiftly on to something else - why not pause for a few moments and ask yourself if you are living this way in your daily life right now

If the answer is 'no', 'seldom' or only 'sometimes', 
Watch This (literally) Inspiring Video to extract Happiness wherever you are and from whatever is currently around you by clicking or tapping anywhere on the video box below... 

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You can also Download the Audio Recording of this video (with some uplifting music and relaxing river sounds added in the background to enhance its meditative yet inspiring effect) by clicking or tapping the button below:


If this Breath Break touched something inside you and you feel like you need some help in letting go of Fear and any other negative emotion that's consistently sabotaging your ability to experience Happiness in the ordinary moments and common things that make up your life experience, why not join me for the Art of Letting Go Online Masterclass I'll be presenting this coming Thursday evening? 

It's totally Free and you'll get some more guided meditations and a 3-week Free Trial voucher for the Art of Letting Go Course we'll be starting later this month valued at over £100 as Bonuses when you register, so you have nothing to lose (except your unhappiness) and a lot more Happiness to gain by attending...

I hope to connect with you during the Masterclass soon. Wishing you Abundant Happiness 🙂 in every ordinary moment until then...

Yours Happily

Jonathan 'Jono' Quail

The Letting Go Coach

P.S. I forgot to mention that I'll be guiding you through a powerful Ten-step Letting Go Process 
I've created during the Masterclass that will help you to Let Go of Any Negativity no matter how deep-seated or long-standing, so if you'd like to finally let go of some long-standing, deep-seated grievance, Join me for the Art of Letting Go Masterclass This Thursday ->>





The Art of Letting Go FREE Online Masterclass

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Discussion - Riding the Razor's Edge Between Surrender and Intention


Date: Sunday 10 January

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